Brown Cancer Center Creates Owen’s Wish Fund for Cancer Immunotherapy Research
Owen Frederick McMasters

Chair of the Department of Surgery, Dr. Kelly McMasters, announced on October 17, the Owen’s Wish Fund for Cancer Immunotherapy Research of the J. Graham Brown Cancer Center.

His son Owen died February 15, 2016 following a courageous four-year battle with leukemia.

"Owen died of leukemia knowing that the science that could have cured him of his cancer was right at our doorstep," McMasters said. "Owen’s wish was that no other children (or adults) would have to endure the ravages of cancer and its treatment without a meaningful chance to be cured."

Cancer immunotherapy has revolutionized the treatment of many types of cancer by harnessing the power of the human body's immune system to eradicate cancer. The Owen’s Wish Fund will allow the Brown Cancer Center to develop a world-class group of scientists and physicians dedicated to advancing the field of cancer immunotherapy and providing state-of-the-art immunotherapy care for patients in our region.

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