General Surgery

The Division of General Surgery has maintained its tradition of excellence while growing and expanding in new directions. Historically, the emphasis of the General Surgery Training Program has been to train broadly based general surgeons. While this remains our primary goal, we are experiencing a clear shift toward faculty specialization. This has occurred partly because of the number of specialty groups that exist within the department, but more directly as a response to a national trend to focus more on specialized care in virtually all areas of medical practice.

Areas of specialization include:

Laparoscopic surgery has grown exponentially over the past 20 years, and all of the surgeons in the department perform select procedures laparoscopically. Dr. Kehdy’s practice focuses on complex laparoscopic foregut procedures including paraesophageal hernia repairs, Heller myotomy, and magnetic sphincter augmentation of the lower esophageal sphincter. Drs. Jorden and Farmer have an established practice of laparoscopic and robotic colorectal surgery for both benign and malignant disease. The Division of Surgical Oncology performs laparoscopic hepatectomy and pancreatectomy. Transplant surgeons now are doing of their living-related donors' nephrectomies laparoscopically. The Department of Surgery had always been a national leader in interventional endoscopy with Dr. Gary Vitale. The advent of Per Oral Endoscopic surgery for the treatment of achalasia and delayed gastric emptying has been adopted by the department and is now part of its training program.

Our faculty members' expertise and practice have enhanced the resident and student exposure to inflammatory bowel disease, fecal incontinence, primary and recurrent colorectal cancer, as well common anorectal problems.

This has led to development of a one-year accredited fellowship in Colorectal Surgery. We offer one-on-one interaction between the faculty and the fellow, as well as exposure to all aspects of treatment of colorectal disease including complex tertiary referral re-operative surgery, endoscopy, laparoscopy, anorectal surgery and physiology.

Research in this area also has grown tremendously, and the success of these efforts has resulted in the development of the Digestive Surgery Research Laboratory.

Research fellowships positions are available. Three fellows over the past five years have obtained PhD degrees during their research fellowship. Research opportunities for medical and undergraduate students also are available.

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The Trauma Service is one of the foremost programs in the country. The Trauma/Critical Care Fellowship Program continues to thrive despite a national decline in physician interest in trauma surgery as a career. Our nationally recognized training program offers a one- or two-year postgraduate training program in Trauma, Burn, Emergency General Surgery and Surgical Critical Care. The Surgical Critical Care program is accredited by the American Board of Surgery. Numerous fellows have completed the program and are in academic trauma surgery throughout the country.

Department of Surgery physicians are an integral part of the Trauma Institute at University Hospital - the region's only Level I Trauma Center and Burn Center. Specialized care, services, equipment and staff stand ready to treat serious trauma injuries. Admitting more than 2,400 trauma patients per year in addition to emergency general surgery patients, the Trauma Service holds true to the original concept as an emergency surgery service that began more than 60 years ago. The majority of these patients are blunt trauma patients (80 percent), and nearly 60 percent come from the scene, most from the metropolitan Louisville area. The remaining 40 percent of patients are transferred from more than 70 referring hospitals in the region.

The Trauma Center facilities include 14 trauma/surgical ICU beds, five burn beds, 24-hour dedicated operating room, 49 critical care beds and outpatient clinics. The Burn Unit features five intensive care treatment beds and is the area's only adult burn unit in the state.

General Surgery Division Faculty

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Jason W. Smith, M.D., Ph.D.
Jason W. Smith, M.D., Ph.D., Division Director
Berel L. Abrams, M.D. Chair in Surgery
at University of Louisville Department of Surgery
Matthew V. Benns, M.D. Matt Bozeman, M.D.
Matthew V. Benns, M.D. Matt Bozeman, M.D.
William G. Cheadle, M.D. Jamie Coleman, M.D.
William G. Cheadle, M.D.
Jamie Coleman, M.D.
Glen A. Franklin, M.D. Edwin Earl Gaar, M.D.
Glen A. Franklin, M.D.
Edwin Earl Gaar, M.D.
Brian G. Harbrecht, M.D. Farid J. Kehdy, M.D.
Brian G. Harbrecht, M.D.
Hiram C. Polk Jr., M.D Chair in Surgery
Farid J. Kehdy, M.D.
George Marshall, M.D. Keith Miller, M.D.
George “Ryne” Marshall, M.D. Keith Miller, M.D.
Nick Nash, M.D. Samuel Pera, M.D.
Nick Nash, M.D.
Samuel Pera, M.D.
General Surgery Research
Research Team

Trauma Faculty Drs. Nick Nash, Keith Miller, Brian Harbrecht, William Cheadle, Glen Franklin and Matthew Benns. Drs. Jason Smith and Matt Bozeman are not pictured.

Achieving Breakthroughs in Basic & Translational Sciences, Community Outreach, and at the VAMC

Dr. Brian Harbrecht is the Principal Investigator of a National Institutes of Health R01 research award that focuses on glucagon and hepatic gene expression in surgical sepsis. His laboratory continues to generate work between him and Dr. Zhang who came with him from Pittsburgh. Suping Li was been added as a technician a couple of years ago. Dr. Ikenna Nweze has been added this year as a Research Fellow. They are continuing to study the regulation of nitric oxide synthesis in hepatocytes as well as studying the intracellular signaling pathways activated by inflammation and gut hormones such as glucagon and insulin. Dr. Harbrecht also has been doing some clinical research studies with a variety of medical students, residents, and fellows.

Dr. Glen Franklin continues a special community outreach project. He serves on the Ky Trauma Advisory Committee in an effort to organize a state trauma system. Dr. Franklin has a research obesity and nutrition, optimizing donor management and increased donor use

Dr. William G. Cheadle, an investigator who also works with the VAMC, is continuing to make breakthroughs to improve surgical sepsis and the immune response to traumatic injury. Efforts are also under way to better understand the inflammatory processes associated with pneumonia. Dr. Cheadle has had continuous VA Merit Review funding and has participated in the training of fellows and residents.

Dr. Jason Smith is making new discoveries in his animal model of direct peritoneal resuscitation.

Director, Division of General Surgery

Jason W. Smith, MD, PhD, Dr. Hiram C. Polk, Jr. and Mrs. Lily Banerjee Endowed Professor

Director, Trauma Surgery

Brian G. Harbrecht, MD, Hiram C. Polk Jr., M.D Chair in Surgery

Faculty Members

Matthew Benns, MD
Matthew Bozeman, MD
Glen A. Franklin, MD
Keith Miller, MD
Nick Nash, MD


Baochun Zhang, PhD
Jaganathan Lakshmanan, PhD
Paul Matheson, PhD

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University of Louisville Surgical Critical Care Fellows 1996-Current
Last Name First Name Start Date End Date
Schmieg Robert 07/01/1996 06/30/1998
Wohltmann Christopher 07/01/1997 06/30/1999
Franklin Glen 07/01/1998 06/30/2000
Stassen Nichole 07/01/2000 06/30/2002
Lukan James 07/01/2000 06/30/2001
Hoth Jason 07/01/2001 06/30/2003
Christmas Britton 07/01/2003 06/30/2004
Wilson Ashley 07/01/2003 06/30/2005
Manning Benjamin 07/01/2004 06/30/2005
Satterfield Eric 07/01/2004 06/30/2005
Brown Aaron 07/01/2006 06/30/2007
Kozloff Matthew 07/01/2006 06/30/2007
Santos Ariel 01/01/2007 12/31/2007
Klapheke Patrick 07/01/2007 06/30/2008
Leggett Maya 07/01/2008 06/30/2009
VanZandt Debra 07/01/2008 06/30/2009
Miller Keith 07/01/2009 06/30/2010
Huang Greg 07/01/2010 06/30/2011
Neel Dustin 07/01/2010 06/30/2011
Love Katie 07/01/2011 06/30/2012
Bozeman Matthew 07/01/2011 06/30/2012
Pressley Crystal 07/01/2013 06/30/2014
Mackowski Michael 07/01/2013 06/30/2014
Sigdel Abindra 07/01/2014 06/30/2015
Kimbrough Charles 07/01/2014 06/30/2015
Karam Joseph 07/01/2014 06/30/2015
Garcia Nicole 07/01/2015 06/30/2016
McKinney Terry 09/01/2015 08/31/2016
Strollo Brian 08/01/2016 07/31/2017
Ludwig Nathan 07/01/2016 06/30/2017
Walker Johnson 08/01/2017 07/31/2018
Motameni Amirreza 08/01/2017 07/31/2018