Clinical Service

Clinical Service Photo Clinical service by faculty of the vascular division is devoted to patient care. Faculty members provide compassionate care for patients with both routine disorders and complex challenges. It is the goal of the vascular division, especially in consideration of the degenerative nature, associated comorbidity, and complexity of vascular disease, to treat patients in a holistic manner with compassion and dignity.

Our vascular surgeons follow evidence-based guidelines, when available, to evaluate and treat patients. Treatments are tailored to meet the individual needs of patients, with the goal being to achieve the best clinical outcomes. Best medical management is the foundation for vascular care. Traditional open, endovascular, and hybrid invasive procedures are applied as dictated by the clinical indications and circumstances.

The surgeons often collaborate and work as a team in many cases of complex traumatic, oncologic, and chronic disorders. The faculty uses innovative endovascular procedures in a number of circumstances in which traditional, open surgical approaches were deemed either too risky or too morbid.

Our faculty members also serve in leadership roles at the various hospitals we use. These activities include participation on medical staff committees as well as less-structured, ad-hoc work to demand and ensure that our patients are provided with the best care possible and that our hospitals provide the best facilities possible for the provision of vascular care.