Surgical Resident Stipend Rates (2020-2021)

Post Graduate Level 1 $55,713.00 $4,642.75
Post Graduate Level 2 $56,901.00 $4,741.75
Post Graduate Level 3 $58,488.00 $4,874.00
Post Graduate Level 4 $60,108.00 $5,009.00
Post Graduate Level 5 $63,144.00 $5,262.00
Post Graduate Level 6 $65,784.00 $5,482.00
Post Graduate Level 7 $68,067.00 $5,672.25
Post Graduate Level 8 $70,353.00 $5,862.75

Stipend rates based on 2% increase for all PG levels
(Parking expenses were rolled into stipends beginning July 2010)
Fringe and administrative rate remains at 28.00% of annual stipend

Life Insurance

Term life insurance is provided for all residents in the amount of double the annual stipend.  The policy includes accidental death and dismemberment coverage.

Health Insurance

Single coverage is paid by the University of Louisville and family coverage is available at group rates.

Workers' Compensation

All house staff are covered by workers' compensation for any injuries or illnesses incurred as a result of assigned duties.

Disability Insurance

Long-term disability insurance is provided for residents free of charge. Residents have the option of converting the coverage from group to private at the end of their training as well as the option of purchasing additional coverage.

Malpractice Insurance

Coverage is provided for all residents, either by the University of Louisville or by the hospitals to which residents are assigned. This coverage applies only to assigned rotations that are part of residency training.

Dental Care

The Dental Clinic in the Ambulatory Care Building will provide an annual examination, including cleaning and x-rays, to residents free of charge.

Preventive Health Program

Hepatitis B immunization and an annual TB skin test are required and administered free of charge.

Medical Licensure

Commonwealth of Kentucky resident training licensure and renewal fees are paid by the department for the duration of surgical residency in the program.


General Surgery PGY 1s through PGY 5s are given 4 weeks paid vacation, which may be taken all at once or may be divided into 2 week periods.
Plastic Surgery residents are given 2 weeks paid vacation per year.

**At the discretion of the Program Director, an additional two weeks may be permitted for personal or educational leave.

Physician Placement Service

The University of Louisville Physician Placement Services provides free assistance to residents seeking practice opportunities in Kentucky. Call Jan Hurst at 1-800-821-1088.

Library Privileges

Residents have library privileges at the Kornhauser Library and at all of the affiliated hospitals. Available services include electronic literature, searches, and an Inter-library loan service.

Lab Coats

Lab coats with embroidered names are provided to residents at the beginning of their training.

Athletics Tickets

Residents are eligible to purchase student athletics tickets at reduced prices through the Athletics Department. Most faculty have season tickets to all major sports and are willing to share them with residents.

Other Benefits

Additional benefits may include textbooks, professional dues, or funds for travel to educational meetings.

Recreational Facilities

The HSC Fitness Center is located within the medical campus. Spouses and dependents can join for a nominal charge. A wide array of recreational facilities at U of L's Belknap Campus may be used by residents free of charge.